My First Wedding

Cody Mayne got married first… That’s something no one ever thought would happen but I was there to see it. I wasn’t going to miss it that’s for sure. 

I’m known this fine fellow since primary school where we caught the same bus and talked about the latest Dragon Ball Z episode, or what Pokemon cards we got our Mum to buy us that week. High school saw us starting the infamous ‘The Numlocks’ where we had the time of our lives playing music together all the time, getting to be creative and finding out about the world. Since I moved I haven’t seen old Cody as much I would have liked… Once or twice a year. While I was gone he met the lovely Jacquie and he had TWO KIDS! So I must give it to the kid, he did well and deserves all the happiness. 

It was my first wedding as an adult (free beer all day please, someone invite me to another wedding?) and it was sweeeeeeeet. Here are some photos I took on the day (got a bit drunk so there’s not many good ones) on my Fujifilm X100f.

Familiar Patterns

The year is almost over and I forgot to post this a couple months ago (classic Elias). I guess this kinda shows some of the things I did this year… I can only upload 20 photos per blog post because I’m cheap (ill pay more one day, I swear). 

First up you can see Damo moving from Essendon to Ballarat, which we did after a big night at Ceres? I feel like it was Ceres, though now I think more I reckon it was Slowly, Slowly. Its interesting because they were the last photos I took before the misses left. I think back and I can see the signs there. Anyway I didn’t put any of the photos up that I had with her, which were quite a lot which is why there’s a massive gap for a couple of months. No one wants to see couple photos anyway right?

After that Damo and I went to the footy! Swannies! Then by the look of it Bao’s birthday makes an appearance with Kate and Jarad looking so enthused about it. We had a party at somepoint as well (halloween I think?) and most of the photos are out of focus because I was a bit drunk, so those are the ones that turned out ok. DAVVES DAVVES came back to Melbourne and we went to the Aquarium! Free tix that almost expired. We saw a Crocodile and a couple Penguins. Penguins are cool. The family also came over for Piper’s soccer where she played a few games. The soccer pics will be on the next post but the Parents are there in Black and White.

I haven’t been that engaged with things in the last 4 months since the misses left but I think I’m getting my spark back now. I hope I am anyway. This is a start! 

A Melbourne tradition

Back in June Richmond and Sydney played out a classic at the MCG with my boys Sydney coming out on top 80 -71. A few us went along with Damo being the sole Richmond fan (poor guy). Anyway it seemed like a good time to take my new Fujifilm X100F for a spin.

Many bevvies were had that day, so here are a few pics from the day that were in focus!

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