Familiar Patterns

The year is almost over and I forgot to post this a couple months ago (classic Elias). I guess this kinda shows some of the things I did this year… I can only upload 20 photos per blog post because I’m cheap (ill pay more one day, I swear). 

First up you can see Damo moving from Essendon to Ballarat, which we did after a big night at Ceres? I feel like it was Ceres, though now I think more I reckon it was Slowly, Slowly. Its interesting because they were the last photos I took before the misses left. I think back and I can see the signs there. Anyway I didn’t put any of the photos up that I had with her, which were quite a lot which is why there’s a massive gap for a couple of months. No one wants to see couple photos anyway right?

After that Damo and I went to the footy! Swannies! Then by the look of it Bao’s birthday makes an appearance with Kate and Jarad looking so enthused about it. We had a party at somepoint as well (halloween I think?) and most of the photos are out of focus because I was a bit drunk, so those are the ones that turned out ok. DAVVES DAVVES came back to Melbourne and we went to the Aquarium! Free tix that almost expired. We saw a Crocodile and a couple Penguins. Penguins are cool. The family also came over for Piper’s soccer where she played a few games. The soccer pics will be on the next post but the Parents are there in Black and White.

I haven’t been that engaged with things in the last 4 months since the misses left but I think I’m getting my spark back now. I hope I am anyway. This is a start! 

A Melbourne tradition

Back in June Richmond and Sydney played out a classic at the MCG with my boys Sydney coming out on top 80 -71. A few us went along with Damo being the sole Richmond fan (poor guy). Anyway it seemed like a good time to take my new Fujifilm X100F for a spin.

Many bevvies were had that day, so here are a few pics from the day that were in focus!

A New Beginning

Well it’s been a long time but I’ve finally been motivated to start again and to start fresh!

I’ve been pretty quiet the last two years as I’ve struggled to decide what I really want to do. Do I want to do film? Do I want to do stills? Do I try do both? Do I do something completely different… 

I think the biggest thing was not having the motivation to go out and do something. I was to comfortable working my Part Time/Full Time job at the cinema and using my free time to get drunk or just do nothing. As cinema life got boring I have come to the point where I must decide on what I really want to do. I think I want to keep shooting. So I will.

First step. Make website and write post.

Lets see what happens.

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